Data Protection and Register Privacy

When submitting a membership or registering for the educational events, the applicants submit their information that includes personal information. This information is stored, and register maintained by Finnendo (Registrar). The information submitted by the registrant is kept using current possible secure data principles and means. Only the name of registrant of a workshop can be disclosed to the sponsor or partner organizing the event, however, this detail or any other data is not shared with third parties. The name and contact of Registrant is kept in register in order to provide future courses organized by the Registrar.

The processing of personal data is always subject to the principles of data protection law. The Registrar’s right to collect, deposit, use and otherwise handle personal data is regulated by law. General provisions are included in the Personal Data Act. The application of the EU Data Protection Regulation began on May 25, 2018. The basic principles for the processing of personal data and the rights of a registered person remain largely unchanged in the reform. You will continue to have the right to inspect your information, as well as request correction of incorrect information and delete unnecessary data. The reform also creates new rights. Your personal information gets from the registrar electronically, and information can be more easily transferred from one system to another. For more information on the EU’s data protection reform, see the Data Protection Ombudsman website.

Everyone has the right to inspect and ask for personal data to be deleted or corrected. The only data in the register is, however, what the registrant has oneself informed. The right to inspect and data deleted or corrected only after proper proof of identity has been established.

Data Protection and Registration Reports of Registries maintained by the Finnendo Registrar, Wajih Jinnah, CEO of Finnendo. Any changes, omittance or information shall be serviced via email,