Prof. Dr. Paul Lambrechts

Paul Lambrechts, Prof. Dr. Dent. is born in 1955. He followed Latin-Greek studies at the ‘St. Jan Bergmanscollege’ of Diest. He graduated as a dentist (DDS) in 1978 at the Catholic University of Leuven (K.U.Leuven), Belgium and obtained his PhD at the same university in 1983 based on a thesis investigating dental composites: “Basic properties of dental composites and their impact on clinical performance“. Today, he is Full Professor and Chair of the Department of Conservative Dentistry (K.U.Leuven), and also serves the dental school as Program Director of the dental Bachelor/Master and Master-after-Master programs at K.U.Leuven. He teaches cariology, oral aspects of nutrition and endodontics. During two tenth of his week time, he teaches pre-clinical and clinical conservative dentistry; 4/10 is spent to own clinical activity in the University Hospital, primarily in microscopic endodontics, but also in aesthetic restorative dentistry; for the remaining 4/10, he conducts research in endodontics, more specifically focussing on the development of a concept of minimal-invasive endodontic research, using 3D X-ray Micro-CT scanning, Cone beam CT and Environmental SEM, towards new root-canal preparation and filling techniques. The photodynamic laser-activated disinfection (PAD) techniques are one of the new research challenges of his group, while the pathology of external cervical resorption is one of his favourite study topics. A randomized clinical trial on pulp revascularisation is ongoing. In addition, specific interest goes also to laboratory and clinical research on dental composites, actually focussing on 3D-laser-profiling of clinical wear phenomena and biotribocorrosion. Together with Prof. B. Van Meerbeek, he became in 2003 co-holder of the Toshio Nakao Chair for Adhesive Dentistry. He is (co-)promoter of several doctoral dissertations, and (co-) author of numerous publications (225) together with the Leuven BIOMAT Research Cluster. He gives scientific and post-academic courses all over the world.

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