About Us

Here at Finnendo, we are committed to take you into the future of endodontics. Much research and development of new technology in the last couple of decades has radically changed the way we think about endodontics. Ironically, however, these advancements are based on basic concepts and solid foundations laid by the forefathers of modern endodontics. To keep up with this fast pace of advancement and make sense of incorporating foundation knowledge with modern concepts, it is absolutely important for dentists to be actively involved in the learning process.

While there are many global events held annually, the platform for a larger international platform in endodontics and restorative dentistry was lacking in Finland. To fulfill this gap and to promote awareness, and to bring some of the best speakers in the world to Finland, Finnendo was created.

Finnendo is a platform for endodontists, restorative dentists, general dentists and anyone else interested in gaining insight of this rapidly progressing field.

Dr. S. Wajih H. Jinnah, CEO

MSc Restorative Dentistry (Helsinki)
Specialist in Clinical Dentistry (Endodontics – Helsinki)
Specialist Dental Unit of Oral Health Care,
(South Karelia Social and Health Care District – Eksote)
Consultant Endodontist/Restorative dentist (Oral Hammaslääkärit plc)
Consultant Endodontist Siltapuisto Hammaslääkärit