Each participant will have the chance to attend all three workshops on rotation basis. Each workshop is set for approximately one hour. There will be a short lecture and hands-on session.

1. Introduction to S1 Plus File

Modern instrumentation of the root canal РAn introduction to the S1  Reciprocation One file system with the efficient, flexible and safe S1 Plus file.

Moderni juurikanavan preparointi Рesittelyssä S1 resiprokaatioliikkeinen, yhden instrumentin menetelmä, tehokkaan ja turvallisen S1 Plus muotoiluviivan kanssa

2. The Biologically Adaptable Rotary NiTi Files – One Curve

One Curve represents the next level of heat treated rotary NiTi files. It is manufactured from C- Wire technology. This heat integrated technology has led to marked enhancement of cyclic fatigue in dynamic mode and in body temperature.

3. How to ‘Really’ Work in a 3D Canal

There is a lot of talk of preparing the canals in three dimensions, but what does it actually mean? Canals are seldom round. How can you reliably prepare and work in three dimensions? You will get a hand-on practice in a revolutionary file system that is super flexible and super conservative.