Workshops at the Finnendo Symposium are organised at minimal cost for participants to provide information and feel of modern day instruments and technological advances made in leaps and bounds in the field of Endodontics.

The workshops will be held in rotational basis, meaning that all participants of workshops shall have possibility of exploring all sessions. In other words, workshop participants will make full use of hands-on sessions at minimal costs.

Workshops / Hands-on



TF Adaptive – The New Generation of Endodontic Instruments.

gary_itkinDDS., Dr Gary Itkin

  • Teacher and lecturer for the 4th and 5th course dental students in Riga Stradins University.
  • Practical Trainer on DENTSPLY Maillefer Courses in Riga.
  • Opinion Leader for Kerr Sybron Endo in Baltic Countries.
  • Instructor on HOC for TF Adaptive and Sybron Obturation Device since 2015.
  • Teacher and lecturer for the 3rd and 4th course dental students in Latvian University.

In the short session , the participants will have opportunity to find out more about special features of “Twisted Files”, as well understand why the new adaptive motion is one of the safest and most effective movements in Endodontics.



veiko_vengerfeldtDDS Veiko Vengerfeldt

Veiko Vengerfeldt obtained his degree in dentistry from the University of Tartu (Estonia) in 2003.  In 2003 he entered a postgraduate program in clinical dentistry, which he completed in 2006.  During and after postgraduate program he was a full- time staff member of the department of Cariology Endodontology & Periodontology, being a clinical instructor in the dental clinic of the University of Tartu. After post graduation program he started as full time assistant in the University of Tartu. Since then he has lectured and taught hands-on courses throughout the Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine.

Since 2004 he is working as an endodontist in different private clinics in Tartu and he has a private clinic in Põltsamaa.

At the moment he is PhD Student in University of Tartu. His field of research is apical periodontitis – microbiological, biochemical and epidemiological aspects in Estonia.

He is a member of Estonian Dentistry Association.

“A Positive Thinking in Endo”

Have you ever thought that endo is difficult? Have You ever felt that You are not happy with Your endo instruments? Have You ever broken an endo file inside of the root canal, or transported a root canal with some “so called” modern endodontic rotary instrument? – I have!

That’s why I tried Hy-Flex  files and I’m never going back!

I am going to teach how to use Hy -flex files properly, made of controlled memory (CM)  NiTi alloy which is one of a kind!

In the first part of the course I will give a short lecture about endodontics in general and how it is practiced in my dental praxis. I will give an overview of endodontic instruments we are using, including HyFlex files, Guttaflow and lot of others Coltene ENDO products.

Second part of the course is practical work. Firstly I do a short video-live -demonstration on plastic block to show You my way of using  HyFlex files. Then I will continue filling the root canal with  GuttaFlow root canal obturation material. After that each participant can do the same – my way or try to find out their own way. We have lot of nice Coltene instruments for training including files, irrigation devices, filling materials etc. Lets learn a lot and have some fun while doing it!

Overview of the topics covered in lecture:

  • Differential diagnosis in endodontics. The new symptomatic endodontic diagnoses by AAE and ESE.
  • Teeth isolation difficulties problem solving cases and options; rubber dam and accessories, evidence based approach.
  • Access cavity preparation and temporizing teeth, literature and evidences.
  • Chemo-mechanical preparation of root canal system: instruments, irrigants/solvents and techniques – history and today
  • Different working length determination methods and uses in every-day practice
  • Root-canal obturation methods descriptions and the use and description of Gutta-Flow material
  • Orifice barriers and restoration of endodonticaly treated teeth

All the topics are supported by literature evidence based articles, also with self-evidence and common sense, supported by cases.

Veiko Vengerfeldt
Endodontist and lecturer
University of Tartu, Estonia




fredrik_erhardtFredrik Erhardt

  • Dental Examination 1979
  • Professor Department of Dental Medicin Karolinska Institutet 1978 – 1988
  • Specialist Examination in Endodontics 1988
  • Endodontic Specialist, Private Dental Practice 1988-2002 / 2005-2015
  • Senior Dental Officer / Supervisor for specialised dental training, Folktandvården Skanstull 2002-2005
  • Lecturer Endodontics in Sweden, i.a. Swedish Dental Association (SDA)
  • Lecturer Endodontics in 17 different countries, Courses organised by dental companies
  • President Swedish Endodontic Society 2007-2012
  • Cooperation with Sendoline – development of endodontic instruments 2001 -2016
  • Published Co-Author

Workshop on new S1 files with reciprocation movement

Reciprocation – The Easy practical way

Modern instrumentation of the root canal, reciprocation or rotary – introduction of a new system – S1 Reciproc makes it easy
Dr. Fredrik Erhardt and Sendoline will present the new S1 reciproc system. S1 is a single-file system that has simplified endodontics. The S1 contra-angle handpick has an integrated gearbox creating the reciprocation motion – the instrument rotates 180° clockwise and 30° anti-clockwisealternatively with a simple connection of the contra-angle handpick straight to your dental unit with no need for an external motor.
Sendoline is a Swedish company manufacturing endodontic instruments since 1940 and one of their most important product innovations is the Hedström-file (H-file). The company is experienced in producing rotary instruments for preparation of the root canal and has recently introduced a new single-file reciprocal system, S1, that will make the instrumentation of the root canal easier and more straightforward. 
Aim of the course
Give the participants an opportunity to try and learn how to work with a single mechanical file in a reciprocal contra-angle hand piece.
Objectives of the course
To learn and understand about the benefits with reciprocal system with a single file, single use system in comparison with a standard rotary system S5 consisting of 3-5 instruments and understand how to use the new system in a clinical situation and adopt the benefits and simplicity of the new system.